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QLD Season 2 Final - Royal Exchange Hotel





The Essential Details - QLD


  • Venue: Royal Exchange Hotel, Toowong

  • Date: Saturday 28/6/14

  • Registration 11:00pm Sharp!

  • Entry Only $20/Player ($40/Team)

  • All Day Event, Massive Party with DJ's

  • Promo Girls

  • Give-Aways

  • Up to $1500 in CASH & PRIZES

  • Gauranteed $500 CASH 1st PRIZE!

  • BUY NOW!!

$1500 in CASH & PRIZES to be WON!
Guaranteed $500 CASH 1st Prize!

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Think you have what it takes to be the best in Australia? Well, get your tickets to the Australian Series of Beer Pong - Season Final and compete against the best teams the country has to offer. With over 50 teams competing in the heart stopping sport of Beer Pong! After the success of season 1, 2014 you do not want to miss out on this!


We are offering up a massive prize pool with up to $500.00 Cash for 1ST place! That’s $500.00 cold hard cash for the winners. But it’s not only the winners who will take home prizes we have up to another $1000.00 in Cash & Prizes including prizes for competitors in the top 8 plus an official ASOBP merchandise giveaway. That brings the total Prize Pool to a potential $1500 for the day!


You will be pitting your skills against up to 60* other teams

through a whole day of action packed beer pong. The Royal

Exchange Hotel, will be hosting this massive party, and it's

only $40 per team to enter - thats $20/person for a chance

to win $500 CASH!


The day its self will be like a festival, with DJ’s cranking

tunes, sexy promo girls handing out random giveaways and

don’t forget the big f*&k off cheque for the winner at the end

of the day (That’s right you will get a big cheque! – also

$500 cash as well – but a big cheque too!)


We will be running the tournament through the Official

ASOBP rules, check out all the t&c’s up the top

along with the official rules.


BUY your tickets now as you cannot buy them on the day! If you have bought a ticket and win a ticket during the regulard season you will be given a full refund or if you want to sell your ticket to a friend let us know there details and we will sort it out.

Tickets will sell out fast so make sure you buy ASAP! Game day is 28/6/14 with festivities and registration starting from 11:00am sharp

T&C'S    Official Rules

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