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ASOBP Beer Pong Kit

ASOBP Beer Pong Kit

The Starter Pack - 25 Cups + 4 Balls + Rules Sheet

This is all you need to get the party started!

These cups are higher quality, thicker plastic than some others you may see around.

These are used for all Australian Series of Beer Pong competition
They also have a wide rim, for better Beer Pong results!
They can be rinsed and re-used, but best of all are recyclable.

The balls are official ASOBP logo balls too, used in competition!

Only thing you need to start the trend is a beer and a half decent throwing arm...

Setting the standard for beer pong at your next party.
Cups and Balls are tournament quality as used in the Australian Series of Beer Pong® ,
So why not play like the pro you are?
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